Sunday, November 21, 2010

Who Is In the Mirror

Who Is In the Mirror

I stand before the mirror this night. Drawn there as never before
I can see the full moons light reflection from the window.
The room is filled with the light of moon and I feel her power.
I can feel that I am not alone, but there is no fear.
The music flows from the other room and fills mine
I hear the pipes and the call of the Celtics.
I turn my face back to the mirror and I see them
I see the young, the mothers, the crones they stand around me.
There smiles are warm and gentle
They place their hands on my shoulder and back
I feel their energy
I feel their love
I feel their sadness
I feel their compassion
I feel their power
I can see what thy have come to show me.
I can see their struggles
I can see their survival
I can see their lives.
I can see what they bring
They are my Sisters and daughter of the Goddess.
They have brought the love of themselves to me.
They have brought the love of the Goddess.
They have brought the power of nature and the animals.
They hand me their mantle an urge me forward
"Be strong my Sister and all will be yours. We live inside you. You belong to us and the Goddess. Never fear for you are never alone. When you look to the sky,hear the rain,feel the breeze, touch the dirt or smell the fire we are here. That is who we are and who are. Remember my Sister you are one with us and we are one with you. Remember and never forget who you are."

Copyright JoAnne Spiese 2010
All Rights Reserved

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