Sunday, November 21, 2010

Who Is In the Mirror

Who Is In the Mirror

I stand before the mirror this night. Drawn there as never before
I can see the full moons light reflection from the window.
The room is filled with the light of moon and I feel her power.
I can feel that I am not alone, but there is no fear.
The music flows from the other room and fills mine
I hear the pipes and the call of the Celtics.
I turn my face back to the mirror and I see them
I see the young, the mothers, the crones they stand around me.
There smiles are warm and gentle
They place their hands on my shoulder and back
I feel their energy
I feel their love
I feel their sadness
I feel their compassion
I feel their power
I can see what thy have come to show me.
I can see their struggles
I can see their survival
I can see their lives.
I can see what they bring
They are my Sisters and daughter of the Goddess.
They have brought the love of themselves to me.
They have brought the love of the Goddess.
They have brought the power of nature and the animals.
They hand me their mantle an urge me forward
"Be strong my Sister and all will be yours. We live inside you. You belong to us and the Goddess. Never fear for you are never alone. When you look to the sky,hear the rain,feel the breeze, touch the dirt or smell the fire we are here. That is who we are and who are. Remember my Sister you are one with us and we are one with you. Remember and never forget who you are."

Copyright JoAnne Spiese 2010
All Rights Reserved

Thursday, November 11, 2010



He came into my life unexpected
He became my shadow and friend
He became my devoted companion
He was my love
He was my support
He showed what know one could , devotion
He was my familiar
He was always there.
He felt my pain and sorrow
He knew me and what I needed
He never left my side.
I was never alone for he was there.
I miss his wet nose
I miss his deep brown eyes
I miss him drooling on me.
I miss him at the side of my bed
I miss him at my door when I come home.
I miss not hearing his collar ring
I miss not feeling his head on my lap.
I know he is running free
I know he has no pain
I know the sun is on his back.
The wind in his hair
But what I miss is my Best Friend who never will be forgotten

Copyright JoAnne Spiese 2010
All Rights Reserved

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Love

I send to you tonite a deep love One that is eternal and constant.
Not one that is possive or confinding
One that is free and enduring
One that is know to us
One that allows growth and experience
One that will be ever present for you
When the darkness comes, my love will be your guide
My love will be your light and your way...

copyright 2010
JoAnne spiese
All rights reserved

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Maiden and Mother

She sits by the fire and extends them over the fire for its warmth. He hands have felt cold lately. She pauses to look at them in the fire light. They remind her of her mothers hands,strong yet gentle. She sees the wear of the years as she turns them from front to back.The lines are deep into her skin, with her finger she traces the lines on her right hand. Each line contains an experience that she remembers on this night.She has come tonight to this clearing to reflect on her life. The joy, the pain, the gains, the loses,the changes and the impact they have played on her life.When she was young an old women from her village looked at her hands and predicated that her life would be filled with much love and passion , yet she would also experience great pain and sorrow. She smiles at she remembers the women and the truth she had told her.How her life has taken many turns and paths.What remained was the truth that she carried in her heart.

As a child she would sit with her grandmother while she worked the herbs. She saw the skilled that was used to transform the herbs into potions that were used by the villagers. They came from all parts of the county to seek her grandmother, then her mothers skills. They practiced the ancient arts that had been passed from mother to daughter for many years. Their line is strong and held by women who can direct and change their surroundings. Many have come to these women for cures,curses and potions.They read the stones, directed the wind ,interpret the tides, rose the fire and brought rain. She would carry on these skills and knowledge and they would intertwine into her life.

On the first full moon as a Maiden she was brought to this very clearing.Surround by the majesty of the Oaks.The sounds of the woods were everywhere. The hoots of the owls, meows from the cat, call of the wolf and hoof sounds from the stag that watched from the edge.She first had been cleanses then dressed by the old women. Her mother would watch but not participate in the dressing. When the women had finished , her mother brought out a box that she had not seen before. Her mother would removed from the box a long silver chain with a large red stone that hung from the chain. She knew by the colour that this was a bloodstone. A very powerful stone was being given to her this day. They placed the chain and stone around her neck. She had been given the healing stone. One with intense power that would provide the wear protection and courage from all outside sources. Lavender flowers were placed in her long red hair and the oil was rubbed on her chest, neck and arms.It was time for her dedication to the Goddess and the women had gathered as witness and protectors for her.

The moon was full. The fire was hot and rose from the cauldron. There was a gentle breeze and it has started to rain, just a slight amount. The elements had presented themselves this night. She stood surrounded by a circle of women all dressed in dark cloaks. Her grandmother had entered the circle and removed her cloak. She stood before the Goddess in her shift that was wet with rain. She felt the wet earth beneath her feet.She removed her shift and stood naked before the Goddess. She raised her arms towards the moon and with a full heart made her dedication to the Goddess. The women who had gathered joined hands as the power of the Goddess entered the circle and one of these women. They had been joined by the power and love of the Goddess

Her mother brought a clean dry shift for her to wear and assisted her with the ties in the back.A weaved garter was placed around her waist and from that hung a satin bag filled with herbs. She could smell mandrake, orris root, mint and marigold. She had seen her mother wear the same garter many years ago and the smells triggered a memory.There were many times that certain smells would trigger a memory. At times she would have visions while she watched the fire or gazed into water. Her grandmother and aunts would whisper that she had the gift. She was destined to serve the Goddess and now on this Full Moon she would be claimed by the Goddess. She would spend the rest of her life in service of the Goddess and the ancient ways. There was never a time in her youth that she did not know that she was destined to do the work her family had done for years. She moved slowly around the group and each women took her hand and bowed their head to her. She now belonged to the Goddess.

Many years would pass before she was brought to this clearing again.Her knowledge had grown and she could call the elements on her own. A proud moment for her mother. Her grandmother had been called to the Goddess and her mother had taken her place in the circle. The years were filled with joy and laughter. She watched her sisters and brothers grow. Spent time in the woods with the animals. She had found that she can call the owl, the cat is at her side and she can see the stag watch her. They were there when she was dedicated to the Goddess and they remain with her. What she had been noticing is a yearning that stirs inside her soul.

Beltane had been approaching when her mother called to her while she was in the garden to come into the house. She wanted to speak to her. They often sat and talked while doing work and preparing herbs and potions,but this seem different, there seem a sense of excitement.Her aunts were present when she entered her home. There was also several old women that she has seen at ritual times only sitting in the back ground.The atmosphere had a electric feel in the air. She knew that this was not just a common conversation.They discussed that this was the time that she would join with a man. It was the plan of the Goddess that she joins and continues her line.She had dream of the time this would come for her. She watched other girls find love and join with the man of their choice. Her case was different the man had been chosen for her. She had no choice in the selection. What she was told that he came from an old line that have served the Goddess.Their family had produced many daughters who have started more lines that followed the Goddess.They had practice the ancient ways as far back as her family.The combining would produce the most powerful line in the country. But would she love this man, that was not an issue. This was her duty and she would do what was expected of her.

The time had approached for Beltane and she had been prepared by the women for this night. These were the same women who prepared for her dedication. Covered in her cloak she climbed the trail to the mountain top. She stood there under the Full Moon and gazed over the loch. The beauty of the night was overwhelming. A clear sky, the earth dry beneath her. A fire had been prepared for them on this site. she could hear her owl and the cat purred by her feet. The stag stepped out from behinds the Oaks. As she faced the loch she could feel a presence come up behind her. She felt arms on her shoulder, very strong and firm hands. He turned her around and they faced each other.She looked into these deep blue eyes and felt an excitement in her thighs. He removed her cloak and it fell to the ground. She stood naked before him and he removed his shirt and pants. The both stood naked under the full moon. She was not shy before this man. It was comfortable for her, she felt as if she and known him before.They had found each other. They would join this night and remain with each other.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Full Moon

The Moon was full and our work was done.
The Moon was full and our prayers were sent.
We called the Wind to send our words.
We called the Rain to fall
We called the Fire to rise for us.
We felt the Earth as we stood before the Goddess.
We did the work that has been done those before us.
We did what we have done in the past.
For we know who we are.
We are the sons and daughters of the Goddess.
We serve her well.

Copyright JoAnne Spiese2010
All Rights Reseved

Friday, August 27, 2010

Death of a Crone

Death of a Crone

She sits near the fire on this night of a Full Moon. Her hair looks like silver as the moon beams play against the Loch. Her hands extend over the fire. The flames rise and fall as she slowly moves her hands from side to side. They are wore from all the years. They look like maps of her life set into her skin. For many years she has sat by this fire. Her devotion to the Goddess remains unchanged.

Her words call the winds to her this night. The gentle rain has been summoned. The cool earth is beneath her. She has called the elements and she is one with them. The breeze rustles her dress,the rain falls yet she remains still for she has called the Goddess. This night will be the final call for the Goddess.

The air is filled with the music of the pipes. She knows them well and feels their comfort. Stillness surrounds her this night. The stag stands near and becomes the watcher. The eagle perched on the tree becomes her protector. The black cat sits at her side as he has done these many years.

Her power will be released this night to be carried to the one who will take her place. It has been her will that this night she will be released from her earthly body to join her Sisters. Many have passed to the hands of the Goddess. She reflects on the years that she has served the Great Mother. She has known the love of a man. One whose hand she held through out her life. The one whose eyes she gazed into as his light left him. Her daughters grown and their knowledge intact. She has shared all that she knows with them and the power of the Goddess and the Elements. She has stood on this mountain and summoned the wind to do her work. She has summon the fire to cleanse her soul. She has summon the earth to grown its bounty. She has been summon the Goddess to join this man and become one with him and with the Goddess. This has been her past.

No fear comes to her this night. She knows that the circle will remain. There is a joy that comes to her with the knowledge that she will join those who she loves that are gone now. Their has been loneness in recent days that has reached her soul. Her time has come and she has been waiting for the Goddess to call her. She has heard the whisper of her Goddess and has come to her place of devotion.

She removes her cloak and lays it on the earth that she knows so well. She feels a tiredness that she has known for several years. The burden of who she is had weigh heavy on her soul. It is time for the her daughters to take her place. She has asked no one to join her this night. Only the one she serves will be with her.

She lies on her cloak. One that she has worn for the Goddess on many a night. The sweat sounds of the pipes remain. The wind swirls around her. The moon shines on her and her body glimmers as silver in the night. She hears the whisper that she knows. My daughter give me your hand and follow me. Close your eyes and become on with the wind. Let your power be released. Let your words fill the air. Let your soul join your Sisters. Leave this earth for now. You were mine from the day you came to this world to this night that you leave.

My daughter you are loved.

Copyright JoAnne Spiese 2010
All Rights Reserved


For My Sisters and their families,

I raise my arms before the Full Moon and ask for the presence of the Goddess.

I feel her as she presents herself to me.

I bow my head as her daughter to the Mother of All.

She asks her child why I have called her this night.

I ask for the protection for those who go foreward with their lives for others.

I ask for those who step to the front for those who are unable.

I ask for those who live with pain and find no comfort.

I ask for the children alone and fearful.

I ask for the animals who shiver in the cold and fear.

I ask for the elderly whose days are filled with loniness.

I ask for those who fears make them unable to cry out for help.

I ask for those who voices are ignored.

I ask for the families who live with hunger

I ask for those who must give themselves to others to stay alive,

She touches my arm and whispers to me...they are all in my heart and protection is theirs.

You my daughter must stand with your Sisters and continue my work.

You my daughter with your Sisters must take them into your hearts.

You my daughter and your Sisters will be their voices.

Be heard my daughter for I stand with you and your Sisters.

Remember I am the Wind, the Fire, the Rain and the Earth.

When you call I will aways be there for you and your Sisters.

For you are all my children and covered in my love.

I take you in my arms and I know you well.

Go forth and bring my light to all...

Copyright JoAnne Spiese 2010
All Right Reserved